I also got cucumbers! (& a strawberry swirl cheesecake)


The title says it all. I looked at the cucumber vines in my garden more closely this morning and saw not just ONE cucumber, but 2… 3… 4… 5?! cucumbers?! And those were the only ones that I saw near the top just by eyeballing and without lifting any leaves! It got me super duper [...]

Speechless Saturday: I got beans! (and cheesecake)



update on the garden so far


Hey everyone! Heh, so apparently when I said that I would write the next day… I didn’t. Whoops. Love me still? Anyway, I’ve been working on this garden of mine for the past couple of years. It’s been a long time and I’m still trying to get everything right as well as learning a LOT [...]

I’m back!


Hey, everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been completely MIA for the past few months. Everything has just gotten so hectic lately! But I swear that I will make it up to you guys… Starting tomorrow. Happy Friday!<3

Speechless Saturdays: food & behind the scenes…



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